Parental Feedback in Childcare

The Importance of Parent Feedback in Childcare

Is there a way that I can identify childcare providers who can demonstrate an even greater commitment to my satisfaction and involvement?

Absolutely! Any childcare provider that offers a 3rd-party feedback option shows their commitment to quality care and should stand out to any parent looking for the best place for their child.

These providers go an important step beyond other programs when it comes to demonstrating the highest commitment to your satisfaction, feedback, and involvement in your child’s experience. They realize that your child’s needs should always come first and no one knows those needs like you! They understand how important parents’ unique perspectives are and provide parent interviews or surveys in order to provide parents with the opportunity to give that ever-important feedback about the care their children are receiving.

How does such a program work?

These providers are committed to going even beyond the requirements of accreditation in the area of customer satisfaction and feedback. They are dedicated to making each child’s experience the best it can be, and they know that goal can only be accomplished by involving parents on a greater level in that important endeavor.

Your feedback about your child’s experience in specific key areas is essential, and the information you provide should be used to identify those areas you particularly appreciate, as well as where improvements can be made. That information will then be used by your childcare provider in their ongoing effort to improve the quality of your child’s care. A good feedback service will gather information from the following areas:

  • How well they show your child love and respect
  • How generally comfortable, happy, and involved your child is
  • The quality of the teaching staff
  • How well they understand and respond to your child’s particular needs
  • How well staffed they are
  • How well they provide a good balance of activities
  • How well they communicate with you and respond to issues
  • How welcome you feel to observe and make suggestions
  • How well they ease the transition of pick-up and drop-off
  • How well they maintain a clean and sanitary environment
  • How well they provide nutritious and inviting snacks or meals
  • How well they maintain a safe environment

As you search for a high-quality program for your child, remember to ask them if they provide a 3rd party feedback service for parents. This will be a signal that you are dealing with a provider that truly cares about continual improvement in the care they offer.